The Design time code excludes the catalog name from the object name if it is equal to MetaDefCatalog. Views Page Discussion View source History. Write to an Existing Table. Jeff Thanks for the reply. Retrieved from ” http: It doesn’t look like you are providing a database file on the startline in the ODBC configuration.

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However, this product cannot be deployed royalty-free to your users. For multiple tables just separate them with a blank space.

Answers Answers and Comments. If your application requires the data definition language DDLa transaction log, stored procedures, or triggers, see your Sybase sales representative. Thanks [the forum says I should click the reply icon, but I don’t see the reply icon.

The string can be retrieved using the statement: Notes Supporting files should be installed in the same directory as dbodbc Clicking on OK should add a reader sql anywhere 12 32 bit odbc the associated feature types to your workspace.

Connecting to Sybase using an ODBC connection within FME

I’m using sqlAnywhere 5. To view these entries, you must be using a bit version of regedit.

You can download one from Sybase for free from here: Sign up using Facebook. A full installation for the SQL Anywhere driver, runtime engine, and supporting files is available in the PowerBuilder setup program.


SAP SQL Anywhere Database Client Download

Qnywhere addition to copying the ODBC driver files onto disk, your installation program must also make a set of registry entries to install the ODBC driver properly. I think I saw somewhere in our documentation that it mentioned Sybase 5.

The following shows a typical registry entry for SQL Anywhere. The lead developer is on vacation so I can’t ask him how to do this. Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career.

Note that for bit versions of Windows, you sql anywhere 12 32 bit odbc register both the bit and bit versions of the ODBC driver. To customize the names of your bit and bit versions of the ODBC driver, open a command prompt and rename them as follows where custom-name is a meaningful string such as your company name: This page was last modified on 2 Juneat Write aql an Existing Table. What does your actual connect string look like in the application?

Creating an ODBC data source (ODBC Data Source Administrator)

Jason Hinsperger 11 2. I am not surprised you are having trouble getting it to run on Windows 7. For more information see the RuntimeEdition. However, to even have a chance, you have to rebuild the version 5 database in version 12 format and then replace the SQLA version 5 ODBC data source with anyhere version 12 one with the same name. Are you providing this somewhere else? It looks like this: To customize the names odvc your bit and bit versions of the ODBC driver, open a sql anywhere 12 32 bit odbc prompt and rename them as follows where custom-name is a meaningful string such as your company name:.


Connecting to Sybase using an ODBC connection within FME – FME Knowledge Center

Check the anyhere settings in Visual studio to generate the matching bitness of the app. By using the self-registering feature of the ODBC driver, you are ensured that the proper registry entries are created. This is the default value.

Oodbc Server not found” In Visual Studio when I try to run the project it says all of the below, but the critical portion is “The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver and Application”: Context and remarks Many.

To connect to an already-running database, use the Database parameter.

Odbd the ODBC database driver files are not located in a directory on the system path, you also need to add their location to the App Paths key for the executable file.